What are the basics of CrossFit?

It is a system of physical training and a separate sport aimed at versatile development with an emphasis on endurance and high-intensity exercise. It is based on the training element of most of the strength sports that exist today – from weightlifting to gymnastics, and CrossFit took only the best from each of them. To get the most complete picture of him, it is worth starting with history.

What is the history of CrossFit development?

Similar training methods have existed for a long time, but it was as an independent sport that this activity appeared quite recently – in 2000, along with the registration of a sports company of the same name. Its founder was Greg Glassman, a personal trainer and professional gymnast. He singled out the basic principles of the training process back in the 80s, starting to use them in his programs.
Over time, the effectiveness of his methodology interested firefighters, the police, the army and other official structures where good general physical training is required. But it gained real popularity in 2001, when Greg began publishing training complexes for every day (Workout Of the Day, or simply WOD) on his website.
Today, there are already several thousand specialized training halls, competitions are regularly held, and CrossFit itself is the fastest growing sports movement in the world.

How are CrossFit workouts in Yuma held?

Although CrossFit is available in several varieties, it is most commonly found in gym chains across the country. Company CrossFit Inc. certifies instructors and issues licenses to gyms wishing to become part of this network.
Affiliates have the right to develop their own systems, methods, set prices, etc. In fact, there are many practicing trainers and athletes in the CrossFit system, whose position raises questions and doubts among adherents of traditional and conservative fitness methods.
Yuma’s classes consist of a general warm-up, a skill-building block, and 10-20 minutes of high-intensity workout. Usually, the above-mentioned WOD (workout of the day) is developed in Yuma, where each block of the lesson is highlighted. To increase the interest and motivation of the Yuma’s participants, competitive elements, scoring and levels are used.
Yuma’s CrossFit also involves activities outside of the gym, and many athletes use programs offered online. Although, at the same time, they note that without the right equipment and a trainer, it is difficult to perform all the exercises at the proper level.

Is intensive training suitable for everyone?

The main emphasis in the Yuma’s CrossFit program is on speed and working weight, but not on technique. This total focus on quantitative results has attracted a lot of people, because it is thanks to this system that they have achieved their results.
Those who are engaged in strength workout, and work on the development of power and tone, know that it is necessary to bring the muscles to a certain point of fatigue, after which recovery and growth occurs. That’s why common strength techniques push muscles to the point of exhaustion and then quickly provide them with the nutrients they need to recover.
Following the program, strength athletes gradually increase the weight, frequency and intensity of training, while continuing to gain muscle mass.

Is CrossFit recommended for beginners?

For beginners, such extreme loads are not recommended, as this is fraught with injuries. This is especially true for those people who have not been actively involved in sports for several years. Anyone who understands medicine and fitness understands that a beginner cannot cope with this system without harm to health – at least according to experts.
Another group of experts believe that the intensity of workout is dangerous not only for the inexperienced, but also for those who exercise regularly. Anyone who starts a workout too intensely without a proper warm-up (and often even with it) is at risk of injury.