What does CrossFit mean?

It is a type of functional sports training that usually combines cardio, gymnastics, and strength exercises. One of the main features of CrossFit is the passage of circles (sometimes hell), each of which is divided into stages. It has been gaining more and more popularity lately among sports lovers, so you have probably already seen a special training area in Autumo.

What is the reputation of CrossFit?

It has been called a fad, a cult, a mass health movement, a new sport, a fitness company, a publishing business, and other epithets that lead to constant changes in the brand itself and its reputation.
Many athletes and sports coaches who work with this complex have a sense of elitism, consider themselves part of the insurgency, those who go against traditional and conservative methods in fitness – in their opinion, the proof lies in the results.
The reputation of this activity is closely tied to its benefits and detrimental effects, both the pros and cons that are present in any extreme system of fitness and training. The bottom line is that when deciding to follow a particular training program, a person should not be guided by rumors. This is usually the case, however, when it comes to a program like this, it is much more useful to pay attention first of all to the results that people achieve by following this system.

Why exactly CrossFit?

First, there is no highly specialized program. Each workout at Autumo necessarily includes exercises not only for different muscle groups, but also those tasks that will increase your endurance, flexibility, and, for example, coordination.
Secondly, the variability of training. CrossFit classes at Autumo do not mean repeating the same exercises over and over again. Each time your trainer can select a new program for you, which at the same time will retain the main property – training the whole body at once, and not just one thing.
Thirdly, diversity and image. It is always nice to realize that you are different from others in something special. CrossFit, in our opinion, is a good way to stand out from friends who play football twice a week or visit a fitness club close to home.

What is the unobvious plus of CrossFit?

Studies provide a lot of evidence that thanks to the explosive loads, it gives its results. It’s not a new concept, CrossFit didn’t create it. This method of strength and general physical training already existed. But at the same time, a selection of exercises allows you to get maximum results in the shortest possible time and will suit even girls with minimal strength and endurance.
Autumo CrossFit is a community. Like people who play tennis, are fond of martial arts or triathlon. After the first workouts in Autumo, you’ll begin to understand the meaning of the terms that are used in this community: “kipping”, “emom”, and so on (for example: emom – every minute on minute; wod – workout of the day). This will be followed by team tasks, a joint search for the right dumbbells, or, for example, a pleasant pain after training that unites. Usually, after a couple of weeks, people at Autumo have already agreed that they will work in pairs during class, or decide to go out to eat together after.

In which case is it not suitable for you?

In fact, CrossFit may not be suitable for you only in two cases: the first is that you have certain health problems that do not allow you to endure heavy loads. The second is that you are too lazy to start playing sports, and you are constantly looking for excuses. But then all that remains for you to do is to envy the good shape of others.