What are the CrossFit features?

In general, CrossFit is referred to as a system of intensive workouts aimed at functional body activity. For a person who is far from sports, this does not mean much.
Answering the question, what is CrossFit, we can say that it is a mix, that is, a “cocktail” of many modern sports disciplines. Such workouts enhance physical abilities, and, most importantly, work out almost all the muscles. This isn’t easy compared to other activities in the gym, so in addition to physical benefits, it also strengthens willpower, character, and makes a person more persistent. Not everyone will survive without giving up doing something that is very difficult and requires a lot of effort.

What workouts are there in CrossFit?

Regarding the location where the workout takes place, all physical manipulations of this sports system are divided into 3 classes:
Metabolic. These include jumping rope (standard, double and triple), rowing (on a boat or using a special machine), etc.
Gymnastic. These are such squats (on one and two legs), the extension of the lower back, access to 2 hands on the crossbar and on the rings, jumping on the pedestal, various push-ups (from a hard surface, and so on). This also includes walking on your hands, pull-ups, leg raises in various poses, rope climbing, twisting, burpees, riveting on the press in a sitting position, and some other manipulations.
Power. Such classes comprise squats with extra weight on the chest and on the shoulders, as well as overhead, various snatches of the barbell, all types of deadlifts, bench press (standing and prone), ball throws on the floor or at the target, swings with weights and lunges with dumbbells.

Naturally, a selection of exercises is made to compile the workout program. All of them are never used at the same time. The main condition for the good results is high intensity. All tasks are completed quickly, without interruptions and respite. As a result, the pulse rate rises to 200 beats per minute, the body works almost to the limit of its capabilities.

Do you require a coach?

Necessarily. At least the first six months. Otherwise, all training will not only be meaningless but also harmful to health. The trainer doses the load and monitors the technique of performing the exercises – many of us crave when the coach turns his back, not to finish and spare himself. If you are lucky and your mentor turns out to be a nutritionist, then he will definitely build a suitable nutrition system. And of course, a coach is also a personal motivator.

Should you choose CrossFit over other gym activities?

Despite the fact that many professional athletes consider CrossFit as a functional workout, this is not entirely true. The goal of both sports concepts is the same, but the mechanism for achieving it is somewhat different. The main thing is to perform all the manipulations, no matter for what period of time.

The erroneous opinion about CrossFit’s harm to health, by and large, developed a few years ago, when CrossFit only began to appear with us and many did not have a clear idea of how to distribute the load.CrossFit is a popular sports activity, which is appreciated not only by sports professionals but also by average men and women who seek to improve their health, as well as figure.

Such activity is a cool option for developing willpower, enhancing endurance, and working out all the muscles, making the silhouette more toned and attractive. If you want to lose weight with quick results, as well as keep your body in a good tonus, you should definitely try it!